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Thanks for an outstandig planning app!
We use the pdf export quite often. When exporting the timeline to a A3 sheet, most of the time the app divides the timeline into two sheets. Not a real problem but I prefer my timelines on one sheet. To do that I select an A2 sheet instead of an A3 sheet. This solves the issue most of the times.
There's one issue though: When printing the timeline on a A3, text is projected with a (for example) 12 p fontsize. This fontsize does not have to increase when printing on a A2. The fontsize can stay 12 p.
If you can realize this, a larger area of the sheet can be used for columns or for more details. Most of the time my timelines are that large, the print-out shows weeks only. For me it would be a great improvement when the timeline shows days also. Especially when exporting to larger sheets.

Thank you! Keep up the good work.

Geert Willems

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AdminMobilinked (Li, Mobilinked) responded  · 


Thanks for the ideas.

The nature of the project schedule size may be very large, this will be a very touch case sometimes if we want to print it on a small paper.

(It is NOT like most of other apps, like drawing apps, the drawing area is limited, so the nature of the result size is limited)

Even a human sometimes has no way to make it (a very big size of project schedule, print on a small paper, to keep all the content be clear and visible).

Like your case, it is a problem for some users as the text on the paper is not clear (as the printer need to zoom it). But it may not be a problem if printing it using a printer with very high DPI

An option to change the text font sometimes work well – we will test it.

Another issue you mentioned is the “weekly” timescale. As you select A2, the app will help to adjust the timescale to try the outpouring in one page. One solution for you if you have QuickPlan for mac – just exporting in one page (select “auto” page size), the mac device has strong hardware resource, QuickPlan is able to create a PDF file with very large page size. Then on the mac, you can use 3rd apps to print the PDF files as needs.

Best Regards,



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  • AdminMobilinked (Li, Mobilinked) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    It’s a big challenge for the users (and the app) to print the project schedule with unlimited natural size (no limited on horizontal and vertical direction) to a limited size of paper, directly printing will get unsatisfied result as lack of options to adjust the output.

    If the project duration is long or there are many tasks, there is no way for the computer the scale the content in a limited size of PDF page, for printing with good quality as the printer DPI is also limited. If the hardware or the nature of the project size is not good to be in one page, even a human will has no way to do it (also the AI and the computer have no way to do it)

    So QuickPlan provides PDF exporting functions for the users to adjust exporting options for better printing result. Please just export project schedule as PDF and then to print the PDF file.

    For more details about printing challenge, would you please help to check it at ?

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Very nice product. I bought it this evening and made a decent chart right off! Everything worked as expected. One major suggestion.
    When I print everything is too large, which does not look professional. Please make the export to pdf more flexible to solve this, for example
    1. Font size
    2. Fit chart to one sheet
    3. Portrait/landscape
    4. Size of task boxes
    5. Print directly without creating pdf

    Thank you!

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