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I know this idea has been proposed before, simply it's an alarm or some kind of warning or alert in any kind, for example changing the color of the task par to red or a flag appears or something if we didn't complete the task 100% as planned , so it's a reminder of deadlines to meet or if missed

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From QuickPlan 6.0, there is a new column “to be %” which is used to show the “to be complete rate”, you can just compare it with the actual “% complete” for the purpose.


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    QuickPlan supports to show task in LIST style, with pre-config filtering of later tasks.
    Please check out the details at

    AND, it's a complicated topic about why there is no something to set the task be delay status:

    ********** Project schedule is NOT project TODO ***********
    Project schedule should reflect reality, that means if tasks be later, the tasks should be rescheduled. (if a task is later, the team should communicate about the task, and reschedule it, to make the task executable)

    That means if project schedule be tracked well (of cause, for a project, we need to track project well), there is no active task which is delay

    *********** Some users are using QuickPlan to maintain TODO tasks ***********
    Yes QuickPlan does better than many other todo apps even for maintaining todo tasks, but QuickPlan the major design purpose is for project schedule. We may do something to make QuickPlan be better for todo if it will not impact the major purpose of project schedule

    ********* Think ************
    Some users may need a GANTT APP for TODO tasks, but there is not any good one for it.

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