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Task links

App needs to support all link types (FS, SS, FF etc) not just FS!

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  • AdminMobilinked (Li, Mobilinked) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    To change task link behavior, please tap the project name on the toolbar.

    About task link, would please check out following the comments?

    Although MS project is a very good app for project schedule, we may find we have big trouble to use it.

    QuickPlan is NOT to clone MS project, we are working the app for most of the user cases, with the best user experience, based on Project management experts.

    Task link is very important for the project apps which is hard for the use to lay out tasks and to change tasks. BUT QuickPlan changing the game.

    You may find that QuickPlan does not support the same task link types as MS Project:
    - QuickPlan just support "Start to Finish" task link.
    - QuickPlan supports another link behavior called "list tasks", this task link is not used by other apps. But many of our users like this way as it's just intuitive as they expected

    Our design consideration is that:
    - QuickPlan is the app which makes lay out tasks much more easier than any other schedule app (say 10+ times efficiency improvement than other apps). Using QuickPlan, change task schedule (re-schedule) is much more easier than before.
    - We have an article talking about task structure, would you please help to check it at ?
    - For the case when using the apps which are very hard to lay out tasks, task link will be helpful for efficiency when changing task date. But actually it does not help more as we still need to check the resource, time and ...

    With time using QuickPlan, we may find:
    - There is no more needs to use the complicated task links for project schedule using QuickPlan
    - Organize tasks well in groups and sub projects will be the better solution

    THE APP is to help MAKING COMPLICATED be SIMPLE, not to show how professional the PM is

    (Of cause task links are still useful that's why QuickPlan supports part of it, my suggestion is trying to avoid using it)

  • Amy commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Also please allow us to change the task link behavior default on the project.

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